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Ambre Blends Essence Oils are delicate fragrances made of 100% pure and natural vegan ingredients derived from all over the world.  The fragrances are unisex and can be worn by both women and men.  Each individual Ambre Essence oil is a blend of Amber oil and other organic essential oils creating five distinct fragrances.  When applied, they are activated by the body's warmth, producing a unique, long lasting, individual scent that exquisitely compliments one's own natural chemistry. 


To experience the true aroma of your essence oil, dispense one pump and apply generously to forearms, neck, decolletage, and the tips of your hair and allow your body heat and chemistry take it from there!




AMBRE- This scent is flirtatious with aphrodisiac qualities.  Top notes: Deep smell of precious woods with a smokey undertone.  Base notes: Fresh and clean with slighlty musky notes once absorbed and given time to react to body chemistry and body heat.  


INVOKE- Sweet and uplifting with a musky, woodsy, warm fresh undertone.  Top notes: Neroli, jasmine, and a touch of rose.  Base notes: Ambre Essence and sandlewood.


SOLACE- This is a calming, peaceful scent that brings the sense of calmness and attraction.  Top notes: Deep tenacious spice.  Base notes: Ambre Essence, warm vanilla with a sweet undertone.


UNMASQUE- This scent is warm and earthy having a sweet smooth undertone.  Top notes: Mandarin red, blood orange, clove, black pepper & coffee.  Base notes: Ambre Essence, vegan leather blend, sandlewood & patchouli.


AHNU- This scent is fresh and spiritual.  Smells like sweet earth after a summer rain shower.  Top notes: Violet leaf, lotus flower & tuberose.  Base notes: Ambre Essence, myrrh, tobacco, champaca & rosewood.


Ambre Blends Essence Oils 12ml pump bottle, each sold seperately

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