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10 minutes- $15

20 minutes- $25

30 minutes- $35

*Stand alone oxygen sessions are based on availability- Must call to schedule.


*If you are adding oxygen to your spa service, please refer to 'Add On Treats' under Services and select your 10/20/30 minute increment at the time of booking


What is recreational oxygen?

Recreational oxygen at Grand Pearl Aesthetics & Wellness, delivers non-medical oxygen via a disposable nasal cannula.  The oxygen comes from a self-contained machine called oxygen concentrator (non-medical), not high pressured oxygen cylinders.  The concentrator uses a Pressure Swing Adsorption technology created by NASA that filters out Nitrogen, Argon, and other trace gasses from ambient air.  This technology separates the oxygen molecule to 90-98% purity to the recipient and the other gasses get released back into the atmosphere.   The air we normally breathe contains about 21% oxygen, with this recreational oxygen, the recipient can breathe in 4-5 times the normal amount of oxygen.

Why do we need more oxygen?

When we don't get enough oxygen, out bodies react.  We get sluggish, irritable and have trouble concentrating.  We reduce the amount of oxygen going into our bodies through simple day to day living, such as-diet, stress, and even aging.  Science shows that increasing the oxygenation level in your body has numerous benefits.  It's the secret to a young, fresh appearance, healthy cell composition, mental alertness, increased physical stamina and boosting your immune system.  Individuals who live in polluted cities, who want to detoxify their bodies, trying to lose weight, suffer from migraine/cluster headaches, adjusting to high altitude, athletes, frequent flyers, can all benefit from oxygen.

How does it make you feel?

Most commonly reported benefits of breathing in higher concentrations of oxygen are increased energy, feeling uplifted, refreshed and rejuvenated, clearing of the mind, relief from hangover headaches, relief of stress and promotion of higher concentration levels.

Is breathing recreational  oxygen harmful?

There are no risks and no adverse effects with the short-term use of oxygen in healthy individuals. The American Lung Association has said that breathing oxygen from an oxygen bar/non-medical oxygen concentrator for less than 30 minute has no harmful effects and there is no evidence to show that it can be dangerous to a healthy person.


The use of recreational oxygen in not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.  Individuals with medical conditions such as heart disease, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)/emphysema, asthma, pulmonary hypertension, or any other oxygen related disease, should consult with their physician prior to the use of recreational oxygen.  Please note, the oxygen delivery system and oxygen services at Grand Pearl Aesthetics & Wellness are not medical grade and should never be used to substitute or replace medical equipment., 2023.

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